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Price worthy IT-Consultants for the Nordic market

Baltic Quality business idea is to deliver high quality and affordable IT services based on nearshoring to the Nordic market. We summarize this in our slogan “Nearshore – Reliable IT for less”.

Today we have 900 + consultants in operation both in Sweden and in the Baltics and another 2000 consultants through our global network. Right now we carry out assignments in Scandinavia, Europe, United States and South America.

New delivery channels have during the last years been added in Estonia and Lithuania in order to ensure long-term supply capacity, quality and price.

  • Swedish Bridge managers

  • Reduced application costs

  • Dedicated teams including on-boarding and knowledge transfer

  • Access to 900 qualified IT engineers in the Baltic States.

  • Quality assurance.

  • Business focus on the right areas

  • Integration into existing infrastructure

Baltic Quality’s services support all the aspects of an application. They support the full life cycle, from the development to the daily operations and the associated processes. Depending on the needs of our customers and the current state of their application life cycle, one or more of the following services may be suitable.

  • Application Development
  • Application Testing
  • Application Operation
  • Application Maintenance & Support
  • Application Implementation

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