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Streamline your Business by using IT

– Baltic Quality help companies and organizations with high quality IT-resources

BQ has dedicated teams via our eco system in the Baltics. We started in 2006 and we have carried out projects all around the world. Via our Bridge Management we assure successful cooperations. We are located geographically close within EU and culturally much alike the Nordics.

Business Idea

Baltic Qualitys business idea is to deliver high qualitative and price worthy IT-services based on Nearshoring to the Nordic market. We summarize this in our slogan slogan “Nearshore – Reliable IT for less”.


Our vision is to grow organically through the good reputation which a work well done gives. The most important is to always have full control of the quality in the end delivery to the customer. That is the basic requirement when we grow and when we continue developing our organization.

Core Values

When Baltic Quality build it´s brand it is based on three core values. These together build the stable foundation on which we build a strong and competitive business and at the same time provide the highest value for our customers.

– Flexibility
To quickly be able to adjust to customer changes and to take part in the transition is a big part in our flexibility.

– Lojalty
Lojalty over time is important for us, it contributes to high quality in our deliveries, for a long term and sustainability in our relations with our customers.

– Closeness
Closeness plays a large part both in terms of geography but also culturally in order to get to know our customers, their needs and their expectations.

Peter Karlsson
Delivery Manager / Bridge Manager

Business Models

Initially BQ identifes the customers needs via Bridge Managers. When we have a clear picture of the needs, we start the ”IDENTIFICATION” of consultants in our own Eco system.

We have more than 2000 consultants in our network and we know how to ”QUALIFY” and how to find the right expertise.

When we have x number of candidates we begin our internal preparatory interviews to produce a short list. The next step is to include our customer and to prepare interviews where our customer meet the candidates face to face.

The final selection is made by our customer. Thereafter ”RECRUITMENT” is made of the selected consultants and based on the commercial conditions we have to follow.

If/when the consultant has accepted, the ”ONBOARDING” of the consultant starts according to the checklists. Training is initiated as needed during a period.

Finally, it is vital to ”MAINTAIN” the customers team by an ongoing motivational, undertstanding for the customers corporate culture and ensuring the right team attitude.


  • Java
  • MS .Net (MS Gold Partner)
  • PHP
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Applications
  • Cloud services (AWS, Azure)

Agile Development Experts:

  • Project / Team Lead*
  • SCRUM Master
  • Business Analyst*
  • Solution Architects / Technical Lead*
  • Backend and Frontend Developers*
  • UX/UI Designer
  • QA and Testing Specialists
  • DevOps and Application Maintenance

Industry competences:

  • Financial and Insurance Services
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail and Business Services
  • eHealth solutions
  • Public eGovernance on state and municipal level
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