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Baltic Quality is a Swedish nearshore company offering services in software development and implementation, management and testing of IT systems. All assignments are carried out with Swedish business support and Swedish quality and standards. Operations are controlled from Stockholm but we also have offices in Riga, Vilnius and in Tallinn.

Baltic Quality often work and feel free to supplement the customer’s own IT department and often act as the management’s extended arm, -providing high quality IT resources, services and functions.

CEMS Nearshoring White Paper

Baltic Quality and Stockholm School of Economics/CEMS have jointly produced a white paper report on Nearshoring. The purpose is to further clarify what Nearshoring stands for and its position compared to other outsourcing models, like offshoring, inshoring etc. This report also shows the importance of Bridge Management in terms of support and other added customer values when using Nearshoring.

Baltic Quality, which offers services in software development, implementation, maintenance and testing of IT systems, is currently experiencing a strong growth. Much because the company has made the concept of near-shore to a popular and well-known concept in the Swedish IT industry.

When a number of experts and specialists from the old WM-data (currently Logica) in 2006 visited the company SETS in Riga, an interest was initiated.
– We discovered well trained IT professionals with the right attitude and motivation. It was about talented engineers with extensive experiences and a good western-oriented leadership and management. They had a long collaboration with the German company Software AG – Europe’s second largest software house. They understood and were well versed in how we and other Nordic companies functioned., says Leif Eriksson, CEO at Baltic Quality, and continues:
– We saw a business opportunity from a growing need in the Nordic market for cost-effective solutions, which can not always be met by offshore solutions in Asia.
It was to fill this gap of high IT quality at a low cost, that Baltic Quality was formed by six experts with extensive IT background and in very close cooperation with colleagues in Latvia.
– We were a number of people who wanted to build something together. We knew each other well and had the same core values, says Leif Eriksson.

Best export company
Baltic Quality signed an exclusive agreement with its Latvian partner in Riga.
– It started there and we quickly contracted our first customer, who was a Swedish company, says Leif Eriksson.
After just over two years in operation, we were awarded the ‘Best Exporter 2008 ” together with SETS, for the company’s successful cross-border cooperation.
Today Baltic Quality with a dozen Swedish customers, including Logica and Digital Route and in Latvia, continues IT cooperation with, among others German Software AG.
– Our customers are small and medium-sized software companies and end customers with IT needs. But there are also large International companies, which we help and follow out in the world, says Leif Eriksson.

Broad portfolio of services
Baltic Quality currently offers services in software development, implementation, maintenance and testing of IT systems. All assignments are carried out with Swedish bridge management (business support with Swedish quality requirements and standards).
– We gladly and often work as a complement to the customer’s own IT department and often act as the management’s extended arm, says Leif Eriksson and continues:
– We work long term with the entire solution lifecycle. From consulting and feasibility studies to design, development, maintenance and operations. We have skilled developers in Java and Microsoft, overall commited and working on fixed pricing, which means that we are responsible for all necessary skills in a development project. Our highly dedicated implementation consultants also build interfaces and make certain it will be a good solution for the end customer. We can also provide our customers with groups of testers. Here we have a solid expertise, both in the case of manual and automated testing. Another area where we have solid skills, is in maintenance and monitoring, says Leif Eriksson.

High delivery capacity
In Stockholm, a handful of people are working with marketing, sales and as bridge managers to minimize the few cultural risks and securing the deliveries. In Riga there are also some 70 developers, and starting from this year Baltic Quality establishes delivery channels in Tallinn and Vilnius, with a combined impressive breadth of expertise and capacity.
– We have developed the company ourselves and have not brought in any venture capital. We have been careful to initially establish an underlying structure for a good nearshore process, says Leif Eriksson.
For Baltic Quality it is now a matter of finding more customers in more areas and continue to increase the deliveries from the three Baltic countries.
– We have a high delivery capacity. There is so much expertise in these three countries that we could easily manage to grow the business ten times. We know, after five years in Riga how we best can work with our nearshore model and the processes required to manage a quality IT delivery from the Baltics, ends Leif Eriksson.

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