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Baltic Qualitys Application Operation offer a technical team to handle the daily operations of one or more systems in order to assure that your Company can function as planned. Depending on the system, the service can cover normal business hours or 7/24.

Value offering

We look at application operation as a partnership where you can count on us managing your day-to-day operations to ensure that there are no unexpected interruptions due to the fact that simple tasks are not handled. Our branches are located in Sweden and the Baltics, which guarantees high-quality communication and fast delivery of services within the EU within the same time zone. Higher flexibility – Access to your applications increases and you can free up resources, both in terms of staff and money. Cost Efficiency – The highest
cost of a system is, as we know, often management and operation. With an external partner, you change a lot of the fixed costs to variable, where you only pay based on your needs. You only pay for specialists when needed, and a clear customer-supplier relationship gives you control over costs.

Service examples

  • Monitoring of logs and monitoring systems to ensure the operation
  • Backups
  • Planning of activities to minimize possible disturbances
  • Support how technology is used within the company
  • Basic maintenance tasks
  • Version/patch handling in production
  • Operational testing before implementation
  • Updating  of customer management system

To start

Together in workshops we define the scope to be covered but not limited to:

  • Service window
  • Applications and environment
  • Existing Infrastructure
  • Change the handling process
  • Incident- / content system
  • Operation reports and preventional tasks
  • Operational planning

Following workshops, a calibration period based on time and material will be performed to ensure that proper staffing is done, including any adjustments required before entering into a fixed price commitment. Baltic Quality may also include an operations manager to manage the business.



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