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“Delivery-wise the consultants from Baltic Quality have excellent technical expertise. We use Baltic Quality to upscale our own operations. They function as our extended arm and assist us as consultants in our on-site consulting assignments. I choose Baltic Quality every day when I have needs I cannot satisfy with in-house capacity. We have a good, flexible and tight operating dialogue. The resources we use are flexible.”
Sofia Säfvestad, Manager Services EMEA Digital Route

“BQ has been very accommodating. Compared with employing your own personnel and all the work that it entails, this is an extremely attractive solution. In our view, scalability runs more smoothly if someone else takes care of it and supplies the know-how. And having this turnkey competence in Bridge Management is invaluable.””
Joakim Billing, ReadSoft Expert Systems

“Time differences, shorter travel distances and a similar culture made it more attractive for us to choose the Baltic region. For us this has been a fantastic way to reduce our costs and build up an operation where we can increase the capacity with the same budget as before”
Lars Marlow Krosby, former CIO of PayEx

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