Baltic Quality services

Depending on the needs of our customers and the current state of their application life cycle, one or more of the following services may be suitable.

Benefits with Baltic Quality´s Services

  • Reduced application costs
  • Dedicated teams including on-boarding and knowledge transfer
  • Secured quality
  • Business focus on the right areas
  • Integration into existing infrastructure


Baltic Quality’s Application development provides technical skills set for design, testing, release and improving an application. Development can be from design proposal or maintenance of an existing application. The scope is based on the maturity and what stage in the life cycle the product is.

We work with clients from diverse backgrounds, helping them formulate ideas into well-defined projects with clear business metrics. We coordinate all processes with IT divisions to successfully carry these projects through analysis, development, back-end integration and testing, all the way into the maintenance. Technically this can involve C/C++ development in real time environments, but it can just as well be .NET or Java-technology. The databases we prefer to work with can be MSSQL, MySQL, DB2 or Oracle.

We have extensive experiences of different frameworks and technologies such as .NET, Java, C #, C/C++ and platforms such as:

  • Web & open source development
  • Mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Performance enhancements
  • Database solutions

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Baltic Quality’s Implementation Services provide expertise and flexible options for streamlining and optimizing end customer deployments. We help you successfully build, integrate, and deploy your solution to derive maximum performance and value from your investment.
Our global implementation team is ready to help you with your application deployment in different environments.

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Baltic Quality’s Application Testing focuses on ensuring the best quality of a solution or applications as an independent function or as a part of an agile/waterfall project. Our offering ranges from testers to full outsourcing that covers automated testing. Baltic Quality has expertise in automating the testing for various domains and various platforms. We have extensive domain experience in Banking, Telecom, Credit, Payments and E-Commerce, We have our experienced testing engineers who excel across all the testing tools provided by market leaders like IBM Rational, HP Mercury, Borland Silk and Compuware.

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Baltic Quality’s Application Operations provides a technical team to manage the daily operations of one or many systems to ensure your business can operate as planned with contingency. Depending on the system the application operations can be within business hours or provided 24×7.

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We take a responsibility for the maintenance and the enhancements of one or more applications to an agreed service level, price and quality according to Operational level agreements (OLA). If desired we can also manage the support and provide a qualified technical point of contact for resolving incidents and service requests for any mission critical application during business hours or 24 hours per day seven days a week for the full year.

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Baltic Quality’s services support all the aspects of an application. They support the full life cycle, from the development to the daily operations and the associated processes.